Saturday, January 07, 2012

writing is off the ledger, but it's on the calendar

the new year has been rung in -- wine tasting contest, dinner, countdown, sequins, and all...

now onto the new job which i am familiarizing myself with and loving already, the work from home stuff which promises to make january a busy month, and the writing which i am backburning into sketched notes and promises to myself.

even in time crunched times and in fact more so in them (nothing like being swept to another time and place to compartmentalize the to do list into its appropriate size) is time to take in some arts.

just finished and added to the home library both songbird and disobedience. now onto the englishman's boy and swann -- love to have a bit of a stack  (or messy stacks mixed in with d's messy stacks -- whatever the case may be ;) going at all times. so that makes hitting thrift store and local independant book store's shelves with regularity essential. my quick pick guide -- 1. interesting cover, 2. back cover, a few random page openings to see if i like the prose. if it passes all three -- it's going in the buying stack. i also throw into my alibris wishlist book titles whenever i come across an article i particularly like, its author's latest book is usually lands up becoming one of my most loved non-fictions

on the film front (this is where netflix's ability to be come back to and left like a bookmarked book so as to fit in between household chores and running the kids around to their social life is key), took in the french coco avant chanel (love the history behind the designer) and the documentary mad hot ballroom. (the kind of inspirational tale that makes you want to run out and mentor kids in the arts)

new years 2012 with jen (fellow food and book and wine enthusiastic -- and the sort of girl i would ascribe BBF to if she was into that sort of thing ;) but she's not so don't tell her i told u ;)
it's still the weekend so we have some friends to see and relaxing to do... the words can keep for now

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