Sunday, January 22, 2012

snow day turns into snow week

well snow day turned into snow week and it wasn't the horror i expected. the kids and i had the week off in which to plug in the annual prospera sledding/snowboarding trek, homemade cocoa, a bit of work from home, and plenty of outside play alternating with everyone on their own piece of technology vegging the day away.
and the week ended with a miracle road snow melt just in time to be a part of a fundraiser for a family dear to my heart.
and now rest day continues -- always the perfect ending to every weekend.

new tagline to the top right of the blog disclaimer: my friends and readers will be suprised to know i am no longer a coffee drinker. i've been getting used to my newly found lifestyle restrictions, but taking it out of my diet seems to be working for me (along with another list of things i love -- citrus fruits, wine tipped cigarillos (i know, ridiculous -- but they go well with the occasional wine pairing ;), and milk. it's been an easy adjustment, surprisingly. i'm ascribing that to the relief of "something helps me feel better" and that i didn't dare break in the coffee machine no one seems to use at work ;)

you know i had to find a replacement crutch (something to write and read beside) and i have -- chai tea with vanilla rice milk. if you have delish coffee alternatives i'd love to hear them.

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