Wednesday, December 07, 2011

the list

just like in my novel writing, i often walk around with selections on draft setting in my head, which is why you will notice they cluster in terms of blog post production. it's the same with my chapter formations. it's all good. and so it's why in short order, i bring you another. (plus, if you're up in the middle of the night working, you might as well do the things you will be tired enough to skip tommorow ;)
the ongoing shopping list on my fridge is my mother's legacy. she was a full workday, master of the crock pot kind of mom and the list grew out of us telling her things we wanted or things we were out of while she was busy doing something else, so she would give us a "write it on the fridge" which is what i do now. (i take it a step further and say i am not responsible for getting a thing that doesn't make it on the list -- always on the lookout for those mothering clauses -- you're welcome in advance ;) and while my list usually happens on some recycled elementary school art, and my mom's was an efficient dry erase board, the concept is the same. and deciphering the list while going in the fridge for coffee cream is always entertaining. looking forward to buying "wofols" -- easy brekkie, but totally not clued in to what "pac mixs" are. insight is welcome. ;)

it's another go go gadget day. today's writing is about editing and chapter structure. exciting stuff, i know

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  1. that's great! my problem is they would hold me to buying everything they wrote on that list and I'm not sure that would be entirely workable ;)
    The first thought that came to my mind was pancake mix. Could be I was still in breakfast mode from the precious wofols :)
    Have a great day, Michelle!


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