Thursday, December 22, 2011

the list maker holidays

we are holidaying, which means more crafts and reading.
my bookmark is currently in this
and i justed finished a fun dash through this one . those swell books always make me want to throw an impromptu dinner party
which i am probably always in danger of doing even without the aid of inspirational resources ;)

of holidays and dinner parties past, the best part always remains the friends that populate them.
even without the trimmings, time spent with them is swell.
it is with that i move into one of my favorite times of year -- celebrating the wonder of Christmas and the glitz and possibilites of another year upcoming

and because under the sequins (another one of those hack a dress into a skirt creations), faux leopard fur, tiara headband, and chandelier earrings (yes, that is my actual new year's garb -- when else can you wear this combo? ;) i am a geeky non fiction devouring, list making girl -- you know i am starting new notebooks to scribe away in.

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