Wednesday, December 07, 2011

good enough

this is how i craft. i know. you don't see where i have the space to do you. but it works. and why is my purse right there? (i am a bad putter-awayer & if i waited to put everything away first i would not get to the things i also want to do -- some relaxing crafting, reading, playing after dinner charades with the family -- which in my geeky little wanna be stand up comedy family last night included selections like "something from the periodic table", "packaging hard drugs in colombia", and "the statue of liberty" i can't even explain how hysterical these were -- you're just going to have to stop by and take part) and clearly i am also in the middle of making dinner (i think this may have been the night d made chicken -- see styrofoam container that didn't quite make it into the garbage ;) -- i ignore that sort of thing because a) see bracketed confession above & b) i am glad he cooks unprompted and don't want to throw a wrench into that ;)
how i will crowd myself into a space to work is a bit like how i crowd myself into my life scheduling. i've learned it's ok to for things to be full if i can keep my head & remind myself of the big picture -- taking time for others, doing my work well, recharging in body and soul, not short changing the many things that are going on. if two many balls drop, there needs to be a reshuffle. but i am a firm believer in good enough. you have to know though when you embrace good enough, you have to be ok with the a dust bunny here or there, or making do, or doing your best with what you have. it saves the time you would have spent obsessing about things that don't matter, or insisting you make another trip out to get things marginally better than the ones you already have, or dropping the whole attempt because things are not chugging along perfectly. good enough takes practice, but it is an infinitely more enjoyable way to live life. mostly because you don't have to be life's star. we are all good at different things, and sometimes it may come together so that we really shine at something, but the truth is, in order for everyone's gifts to have airtime, we need to also be ok with playing supporting roles. Which good enough does. It celebrates the people around us, making each one feel validated instead of competed with. Which, in the end, is more than good enough.

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