Sunday, December 25, 2011

the ghost of Christmas present

still reading. (i'm onto this one) this time among wrapping paper debris. little c awoke at 4:30am and told us about it and then waited patiently (shaking presents more likely than the couch sitting i was picturing as i slept) until 6:59. a minute before we told him he could wake everyone. the flurry has subsided, the coffee has been made, the middleschooler is back in bed, and the two youngest are on their second round of chess. i'm going to take that as permission to eat more chocolate and read more pages.

so thrilled to tell you i have acquired a job at the university i used to attend. the people are fabulous, the new schedule is amazing, and the work year coincides with the academic calendar which means i have calculated 2 months in which i can have 6 hour writing days and 2 months after that in which to do some old fashioned summer holidaying with the kids and d (when work can spare him)

i couldn't be happier. but will try not to get too pollyanna into the novel and wreck it.

ps. i watched The Christmas Carol this year for the first time ever -- i am glad it was this production -- it was amazing (i am often late to the classics -- took in Handel's Messiah for the first time live last year as well)

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