Friday, December 09, 2011

advent midway through

a little break in the day job in which i am wrapping up the rest of the boys' advent mailbox gifts (we started late so just numbered the gifts from now until Christmas Eve -- when the family chain of gift opening commences) last year i connected activities to the opening which was tricky (i need the visual reminder on my calendar of happenings which would ruin the surprise) so this year i decided to separate gifts from activities. the mailbox presentation was inspired by lizzy, but mine is tweaked for boys. (more whoopie cushion, less fabulously chic wrapping ;)
i also shamelessly nabbed this exact execution of Christmas carol lyrics from a blogger online and now cannot remember where to credit. they were on to something. white and black paint and a canvas. 1 stop dollar store shop. and easily whipped up while chinese takeout-ing.
i'm writing and reno-ing powered by coffee + eggnog + Christmas tunes in the downtime.

hope your day is seasonally pleasant too.

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