Tuesday, November 15, 2011

of boys and storylines

it is precisely at moments like the other night on the couch when i looked up from where i was sitting reading, pretending to be into the family tv viewing choices, and saw my middlest, a half year away from middle school knitting something for his great grandma and accomanied by his plastic rifle to which he had added my exercise stretchy bands and his 10th birthday telescope to make it have a scope, that i love being the mom of boys. that mix of sweetness like a layer of icing on something much messier and noisier. so it is no surprise that i am thrilled my leggy blond sister in law gave birth yesterday to another little sweet Vandepol boy. the middleschooler couldn't wait to rush to the hospital to welcome him. yes, we were a family of those annoying visitors only a few hours after the actual event. i would feel worse about that, but she is the type to offer you her chair when you come in, and be home quick as a wink and then out galvanting with the toddlers in tow two seconds after that.
today is a tackle that to do list day, more storylines (more mother and teenage girl drama dialogue) arrived in my head this morning while dashing out for treats for the kids' lunch. so you know i will make time to scribe those down too.

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  1. Anonymous5:41 PM

    you absolutely cannot get better than a 10 year old knitting a love gift for his great grandma! Hooray for Riley!! LeanneO


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