Saturday, October 22, 2011

why we fall for comfy fall marketing

latest quick projects. a canvas inspired by things spotted on my recent trip to granville st with heidi. -- because it's for a kid space. it's brighter and less polished than the original. but i love the motto. and because i cut up an ill fitting tee to make it wear worthy, i was left with fabric strips to bracelet up (it looks super cool next to chunky bling)

the middlest has the best comfy slippers in the house
a week where writing was done everywhere from the car to scraps of papers tucked in novels. anything but something regular.
the fall has been like that. some day job and parent volunteering at the kids' school, the middle schooler's rehearsals for his youth group's upcoming play, the middlest and little c keeping busy with their friends swapping one friend for another until i am sure they are seeing each other more than their blood relatives. it's been steady and not a day has been like another.
d and i have been homebodies when we can for most of the month. until last night when we got together with friends and apparently had a lot of catching up to do. i still didn't regret the 4 hrs 10 min sleep (i count it because i'm thrilled i at least logged that) even when i had signed up immediately following to take the kids to free family movie day at the local cinema (those 3D glasses make for some good sleeping anyways)
the rest of the saturday is chugging on as per usual -- birthday boy middlest celebrating with friends. me logging some organizing and laundry folding time around their noise. waiting for d to come home so we can be tired together and hang out in our pjs.
i want to be rested to properly enjoy rest know a stack of reads is waiting

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