Sunday, October 02, 2011

weekend like you mean it

my 25cent score of the week -- little shelf the exact color of d's smokeroom -- love when things match from one room to another for rearranging purposes. i am slowly killing the orchid but have plenty of fakes to replace it when the time comes

the weekend has sped full force by
3 kids at different venues friday night (the kind where you have to leave a dinner party in full swing to do teen pick-up -- but then return for more fun him in tow) exactly why i would finish our basement if nothing else -- to have a place to stash the kids during our entertaining. ;)
saturday that started with pics of the boys at my favorite park with this great photographer (fellow mom of three boys so she didn't get rattled at the mayhem of it all) the last photo session we did of "just the boys" only included the oldest two and was 9 years ago so it was about time
then speed shopping with my blond sister
BLTs with the family (organic family grown produce -- i produce 1 small tomato for every 20 of d's dad's + maple bacon on marbled cheese bread -- the kind of pairing you could have a stack of. (if you weren't fighting off the rest of the family ;)
7 year old birthday partying with little's c's bestie
and then a chill night where d cooked in exchange for my starbucks run.
i'll be plotting next week's writing schedule around my reads today. rest equals reading here

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