Thursday, October 13, 2011

to do list in cork and black bean soup

(two of my favorite colors)
traded a gym visit for a laundry room redo today -- touched up the missing bits on the wall and cupboards, treated the floor to a paint treatment, and hacked up a rug in basement storage into a motley of throw rugs. the only thing missing is a DIY version of this. but i put the rest of my creative energy into journal pages of novel scenes while watching the tail end of a sappy movie.
it'll have to wait until next time.


  1. lovin the black paisly type curtains in the laundry room. mel

  2. I love that black bean paint. looks great Michelle.

  3. Anonymous7:44 AM

    And I'm sure you could make a wonderfully similar version for a mere fraction of that four digit price! Look forward to seeing it :)
    And who else would think to chop us a way to big rug to dress up the laundry room floor?
    As always, you inspire me!


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