Monday, October 31, 2011

the food and drink that makes the to do list easier to tackle

ticking off item to do lists

makes way for family activities like

taking in a fun fair night at church and watching the middleschooler in his youth group's seasonal drama production.

(so fun to see one's kid on stage in his element. when kids are little, as a parent you are so by their homework and studying word by word but as they get older they have whole pieces of their world you are not privy to unless they happen to think to mention it. the lines were like that for me. i'd hear him off studying them but it felt like someone else's kid up there getting into his role so thoroughly)

making apple fritters before


they turned out suspiciously similar to oliebollen which i have a huge weakness for (but the kids don't like raisins so we'll just call them donuts ;)

d and my dating this weekend consisted of a night with friends (all themed up and dressed up -- great fun, thanks rebec!) and some more lower-key stuff like errands au deux and sharing a bottle of wine while we putter around in the house doing our own thing side by side (reading a stack of mags and altering clothes and figuring out a new program on the computer -- i'm thinking you can guess who is who respectively)

week's forecast is a bit more to do list and some scribing thrown in.

i'll try not to make any more deep fried goodies, but i'm not promising anything.

if you know a little girl who has an american girl doll or this adorable canadian equivalent, (i have two nieces unwrapping them this Christmas) don't just be limited by the offerings in their brand specific shops. this weekend found me ordering the cutest little knee socks here

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