Sunday, October 16, 2011

focusing on the blessings that fit into surprisingly small frames

i was in church this morning.

singing a song so familar it is easy to sing on automatic pilot

when i remembered it was a favorite of my mother's.

during long sit still services, as a little kid, i played with her rings and rubbed the tips of her shaped fingernails non-stop.

which as a mom, i think of and give her kudos for.

i am tempted to do silent "talk to the hand" when trying to do the everyone sit still, every sunday ;) in fact i'm sure i have.

once they run off to sunday school and i celebrate surviving with coffee, i have a little more breathing room to enjoy them. (similar to watching them sleep, and wearing my favorite bracelet, and scrapbooking memories with them -- all the sweet smiles minus the naughty bits) it's probably why parents grow up and become grandparents and only remember

the sweetness and successful bits. ;)

it was a weekend punctuated heavily with playdates.

the shuffle of trading one kid for another meant the number in the house wasn't down, but the entertaining sure was.

so a few more pages got read, plans got made, coffee was had.

tommorow is a early wake up call for the day job

but the writing notebook is standing near by.

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