Monday, October 10, 2011

double servings of pumpkin pie and family

i don't like picking one family per holiday so we hit them both.
( the my-mom-is-one-of -9-siblings-and-we-still-get-together-with-all-the-cousins-hall-rental-types and d's much more subdued but no less delicious family affair)
my belly and heart are full
ideas always collect on weekends like this where there is not enough time to write them down
i will try and scribe as many as i can tommorow
this past weekend
so as to stay near the boys
i read coffee cup and toast in hand
painted more on the library while the two littlest made punk cross-stitches beside me
and started a under the sea mural with little c in his room partly to redeem his graffiti-ing of benjamin moore's poolside blue and partly to keep him occupied over the long weekend.
this mothering thing is more of a crooked ongoing line than a straight forward list.
thankfully, i like it like that

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