Friday, September 23, 2011

writing time search

there are times when my writing outpaces my list making and times when my list making outpaces my writing.
day jobs in their various forms and timings (in conjuction with the kids getting back to school and the new must-dos that that brings + the volunteerish type stuff on top) means i need to rethink where i reposition writing into my day in order to get it done.

when i was writing mother mexico and working three gigs from home that was at 3am -- which d was supportive enough to wake me for -- i whine upon waking and it was costing us to publish that book so i knew he did it morning after morning when i said "set the alarm for 3" but then fell back asleep when it did go off that and he had to rewake me because he loved me and my dreams) and it is exactly why when i was dating a boy a million years ago and we were discussing dreams like kids do and i said i wanted to be a writer and he said "couldn't you be a secretary?" i knew i had to keep looking until i found my d.
our life isn't perfect. but i don't know a soul's whose is -- no matter how well presented their FB page ;) but i've learned that it is in the embracing the stuff that is working and letting go of the stuff that isn't -- the not keeping track -- that is the stuff my happiest married friends have going for them.

this year, filling in the gaps of story on the novel on the go, i know he would do 3 am wake up calls again. but truth be told, i'm going to look for something a little less drastic ;)

i'm off to paint the library some more. little c moved in some furniture the other day so i might be stepping around it.

if you haven't visited houzz before.(do it now -- like my friend jen said all bossily) you might never buy a decor mag again.
visit me too :)

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