Monday, September 19, 2011

on dishes and aprons for the fun of it

every time i look at my kitchen i feel like messy debbie travis ;) paint treatments are fun + i am not the sort of person who feels sick to my stomach to leave dishes in the sink til morning. i'd rather tackle them when i have a lull in my day the next.

the little bambi pictures have been claimed for little c's room. i am attempting to edit it so that it lacks the destructo-decorator quality he insists on putting upon it. i'm thinking reading nook (a la his favorite spot at the library) might ensure the closet at least looks good ;)

still wearing my cute apron that matches my favorite pjs (which is essential because let's face it -- pjs are a large part of my indoor wardrobe repetoire don't get me started on pj wear outdoors tho) around the house + admiring the flowers from my cousins' greenhouse. to order your own to make your house happy, click here

off to write for a few minutes. the house is still quiet.

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