Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the home stretch of the upstairs library

d and i have dreams of wall to wall bookshelves with a library ladder, but it won't be in this house. but we do have a lot of books. so i have moved a bunch into the tourquoise cabinet (they look super cool behind the wineglasses -- love all the colors going on) and decided to make the top of the stairs a bigger deal than it was. it used to be a large closet (aka as the gift closet and my "thrifty chicks" (online store) storage) but when i pulled the front of the closet off (thankfully one of the few things that wasn't plaster in this old house) and started wildly painting (this is my third color attempt in the space) and topped it off with an antique plate shelf (found it in the basement) held up with brackets from creekside. (thanks, installer dad :)

when i'm not reading (one of mel's picks) or writing (today's character is attempting group therapy) you know i will be painting

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