Thursday, September 08, 2011

excuse me while i jump up and down in celebration

i never get sick of this wake-up bedroomscape

the boys finally captured two days into the routine

it turns out staples is right
this is the most wonderful time of the year ;)
we have found our rhythm as a family this september.

of course, it could be the end of the summer where everyone starts feeling on top of one another and antsy for change.

that is making this seem smoother flowing.

not to mention, i keep checking if it's ok to be this relaxed while doing errands, not having to break head locks mid transaction or anything.

i spy writing time

and it excites me

one of my latest thrift store jaunts (have to keep the online store stocked, you know...) found this adorable hostess apron which matches so well with my clearance rack cardi that i am tempted to wear them together for the everyday (maybe good foodie stories would result? ;)

and while taking in the lives of the queens and kings of england with history enthusiast d, i have been working on this kitschy little kitchen art (i'm working on a more polished version to give my friend jen, of fellow food and drink enthusiasm, for her beautiful housebuild in progress)

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