Friday, August 12, 2011

bad day start good day end

it's ok that my battery recharger is no where to be found when i am contemplating a beach day because it's almost my birthday and starbucks has informed me they are sending me the annual free drink, i have a stack of mags and books to read, the sun is out, and there is salad waiting to be picked in my garden. i'm thinking on the things that are good and lovely ;)

that said, if said recharged wants to show itself, i'd be most grateful ;)

happy weekend to you.

i'm at the "not going to get any real writing done this summer" realization. goal setting set for september. reason #101 i don't home school ;)

post script: thank goodness despina brought her snap happy camera and self. beautiful shots of our first trek to centennial beach -- only a bit of a drive, but like a world away...

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