Monday, July 18, 2011

we all have our projects

summer holidays. freeflowing days where it feels perfectly acceptable to read during nearly every waking moment. between that we're in the middle of a weeklong of celebrating the middleschooler and little c's back to back birthdays with each side of the family and their friends. (they had the same due date 7 years apart)

just as reading has been taking over my spare time (this weekend's reads were shopgirl and still alice), fort building has been taking over little c's. first it was the living room. (d and i left on our date the other night while the boys were watching a movie over a living room wide fort no one saw the need to take down ;) then his room and the upstairs alcove (where if i'm missing any knick-knacks i know to look for them there) and always he insists smokey is part of the fun. (you can tell from the picture, smokey is long suffering and cooperates)

while my goal is to up the written word count (this morning early am, i was half dreaming in paragraphs suitable for the current scene which you know is some sort of scribing withdrawal) i'm not going to guilt myself out about it. that would defeat that glass of iced tea relaxed vibe that summer provides (even if the sun is nary about)

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