Thursday, July 28, 2011

there's a hole in your curtain, have a spring roll

the master bedroom improvements (ruched valance, revamped girlie closet) and the notebook scribblings are due to the latest creative experiment (will blog about details when the month is over) + fuelled by vegetarian spring rolls.

little c continues to drive me crazy with his room improvements. which depending on the day might include cutting a corner out of the curtain for a blanket for his stuffys and giving himself a room number like other rooms in the house. i'm going to write his destructo-decorating into the budget as a fancy arts camp (i have never purchased so much paint for one room) to be fair, his project ideas turning into instantly executed projects all impulsive-like is something i'm model-ing nearly every day. and while i love my project results, he is similarly smitten with his. plus, he has recently acquired a degree (likely from that fancy arts camp) who can argue with that? ;)

writing continues, attempts to balance with summer life and the to do list. it's an ongoing thing.


  1. my little one has been making the same kinds of "improvements around here...i feel your pain.

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    every time I read about little c's adventures I think to myself, "self, you really need to relax a little like Michelle!"
    do you ever hear, "Mom, there's nothing to do?!"

  3. ha ha. no, because they're busy cutting up curtains ;)


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