Monday, July 25, 2011

summer monday

summer continues to run by.

d and i insist on having wine and cheese nights at home even if we are surrounded by laundry.

little c is still gradually moving the contents of the house into his room so it looks like a cool apartment (when i tucked him in last night he had set up a cash register nightstand and a fully stocked wine glass bookshelf. this reminds me of when he did the foreshadowing upon my grandmother gifting me with some of her beautiful old crystal -- little c: "thanks, grandma. we broke a lot of our old ones" i would have taken pictures but the place was closed ;)

the middlest is still making things -- guns with sliding safetys out of discarded pizza boxes and the like and if you thought i was lenient with the crafting -- on sunday afternoon i awoke from my nap to find him taking apart two computers "dad said it was ok"

i'm further relaxing the to-do list into a set of must do priorities and then leaving the rest

boy 1 and boy 2 are taking over the family shedule with their early morning berry picking employment so i'm predicting stories written in the afternoon

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