Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on the home front

the writing is happening this pm because the day was taken up by the to-do list (but it had some fun stuff on it too like am coffee that drifted into lunch with a friend (insta-playdate for the kids), a shopping trip to the thrift store to try and find art for the laundry room (instead i found this adorable dog painting for little c's room), and then a flurry of home project activity (sanding and staining the harvest table and chairs, glazing the kitchen cupboards -- the recent grey made a great base, and doing up the mini bulletin board to match my front door which also matches little c's dresser -- when i have paint on hand in colors i like i use them everywhere ;)

now to not make all this evening's characters DIYers...

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  1. So I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. It's new, and a comment means a lot. My husband says, "don't worry, people read it. they just don't comment." And still I fret.
    After reading several of your posts, this is the one that elicited the feeling of kindred spirit in me because tonight I took photos that will help me write the next post "things that help/hinder my writing." I see you, too, get stuck in various time sucks. I love your house. I love your blog also. Three boys! It's a miracle we're not drooling zombies and can string words together at all, let alone generate captivating fiction.


love to hear from you :)