Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a laugh, a re-read, a sleep-in, repeat

i've been a sore ear girl (annoying ear infection) and i've had some time off and the kids are on holidays so i've been indulging in a few sleep in days in a row (which plays out like this: wake up with d's alarm, run out and make coffee, grab book, crawl back under covers, fall asleep book in hand, wake periodically, pretend i am still reading, re-read same two paragraphs, fall back asleep) my mom is worried i am not slowing down enough to get better. the truth is, i was not even ready to leave the house til my gym appt at nearly noon (she also laid into me for that (apparently working out while sick is the equivalent of going outside with wet hair -- at 33 i still catch heck from her about that too ;), but i told her my patience wears ever so thin when i am under the weather and my happy place going was not working anymore so i had to escape les garcons for a teeny bit -- which is good because the rest of the day held playdate hosting, paper routing, park jaunting, thrift shop haunting fun ;) i know i probably will love my brood in the same pattern when they grow up because that's what happens. of course, by then they will probably have wives to protect them from me ;)

i've gone on before about how i love that some of my closest friends are also my relatives (my sisters, sisters-in-law, cousins, d's cousins) makes for this kind of story. phone my mom. phone is busy. phone my cousin instead, we make plans. get through to my mom who was in fact on the phone making plans with that cousin's mom. (the odds are impressive that the right mother daughter duo was in play here -- my mom is one of 9)

i'd use this quiet house time to write, but i've made myself sleepy with a petit glass of chocolat shiraz & some black licorice so you know i'm off to read the same two paragraphs again (current novel is one in a long line i've read about the kennedys) i'd count down the hours til writing time, but i have a feeling this is going to be one lazy week

ran across this poster on tumblr. it made me laugh. i'd show u pics of my cute growing garden but my camera card bit the dust. so later then.

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