Thursday, July 07, 2011

juggling isn't just for books

last year's little planter bit the dust :( will have to source another like it

you guessed it, i have another stack of books to read. i pick one up read for a bit, do a chore, take the kids somewhere, come home, pick up another etc. i loved when tara told me her mom did this and it was a childhood memory of hers: 3 reads always on the go: one for morning, one for afternoon, and one for evening.

finishing up painting (which now that you mention it, is not unlike the 3 books i have on the go -- there are always a variety of on-going projects to pick from ;) and lest i don't have a craft to interrupt them, i found a $1 clearance rack dress to alter into something i saw and wanted that was $200. (it makes more sense to me to put the difference in our vacation fund)

the stories continue to chug along. it'll be hard not to inject a whole lot of summer days into them, because summer just takes over like that. heat, mosquitoes, fans, swimming, bbq, salads... there's a lot to write about.

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  1. :)
    my mom just passed on a lovely read to me and I think you might like it...February by Lisa Moore...I'm about three quarters of the way in.
    I also wanted to share my amazing value village find today - Hudson's Bay wool throw for $12! Retail $150.


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