Sunday, July 31, 2011

everyone in charge of their own whirlwind


i am convinced that a true measure of love is hearing d lead little c away from my room with a "leave mom alone, she's having a nap." while i am laying in bed reading in the middle of the afternoon.

it reminded me of this.

and made me tres petit sentimental.

it's not my traditional writing day so i am tucking away the storylines that come to me for tommorow. for now i am wandering around in a messy house looking for the next thing to read.


the middlest is not aware of the irony of his room. he doesn't have time to look into it, having moved on from this am's paper knife making to sewing a cape in the living room to making homemade donuts. and yes, leaving a messy little trail behind himself. lucky for him, i am too wrapped up in reading, writing, and kitchen wreath making to care. it'll catch up with us later

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  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I love that your boys know how to and use a sewing machine =)mel


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