Monday, July 04, 2011

don't argue with the process

i am all about things with cute names. slap a "baby arugula" label on some salad and i will eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. ok, maybe not breakfast. that has to be something sweet to go with coffee ... but you know what i mean

plus when the weather is even the slightest bit warm, i get tres lazy with my cooking. like telling the kids this giant watermelon i just picked up on the way home is dinner. it seems to work. of course they seem to be constantly scheming to hit me up for pool trips and icecream so they're likely picking their battles. it seems to work too.

i've just discovered the antique lock off the kitchen has a monogram on it. adding to the need to find out more about this house/invest some time at the local museum archives. i'm thinking fall...

stories are wanting to come out all inconvenient like. i am tired and would rather listen to podcasts with my feet up. (i am an all over the place listener, anything from npr to cbc to roh) so maybe a little of the words for a little listen. it seems to work too.

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