Friday, July 29, 2011

back to back goodness

the cat is engaging in the lazy days of summer. as are we all. a day off today that consisted of a morning starbucks date (thanks leanne), followed by an afternoon cherries and diet pepsi date (thanks clarinda), followed by sitting in a friend's backyard watching the kids play in the pool (thanks charlene) one of those fabulous days when spur of the moment plans back each other up all fun like.

the middleschooler is newly obsessed with lattes. he made his own syrup yesterday (make your own: 3/4 c white sugar, 1 c water, 2 tsp spices, 1 tsp vanilla -- boil, turn to min and simmer and stir until thick, cool, store in washed out wine bottle in the fridge) and is frothing milk to accompany nearly every meal and snack. hopefully he loses interest before my espresso maker does ;)

my friday night date consisted of bbq venison chops a la D (i'm getting lazy about vegetable making and am simply opening the mixed green salad box every night to accompany the meat and potatoes) followed by an ice cream run (bribing the boys with said "i scream" run made for a very clean kitchen) and a magazine stack read through.

today's writing was good flowing but ultra short. maybe a little something more tommorow...

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