Thursday, June 02, 2011

where i'm at right now

in the midst of painting my kitchen cupboards a dove grey

needing to do last night dinner's dishes

craving coffee

i keep going to look at the class pictures that just came home so cute

a big stack of post workshop homemade cards in my purse prettier than what i come up with on my own ;)

in the middle of reading shop class as soul craft except that i've temporarily misplaced it which probably means i should de-wardrobe my bedroom floor ;)

off to pack lunches and do the day's to do's

and after that

writing a scene about a mother daughter arguement

(i don't have current life material, but i was enough of a teenage twit to my mom to not run out of past material for quite some time ;)

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  1. love the teenage twit bit...hope you're having a good weekend:)


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