Wednesday, June 29, 2011

timing, murphy's law, and a little bigger little black dress

i've been sourcing everywhere for one of those adorable maxi (read down to the floor) sundresses. you know i did the eco-friendly thing and sourced all the thrift stores first, but no luck. so i went to the mall. and i found the cutest long black one (i'm even giving it credit for making me feel all bohemian and writing more than usual) and wore it for the rest of the day (including traipsing in and out of the doctor's office to rule the middle schooler's nose not broken (from previous martial arts class) so he can attend his upcoming classes

then d came home. i might have been preening and expecting copius compliments ;)

d: what is that?

m: maxi dress, they're super hot right now

d: i like minis better.

i'll be indulging his favorite trend soon enough, but in the meantime i should probably wear my story producing frock non-stop

which works because i stumbled on a new writing process. like interviewing and then fleshing it into an article, but for fiction purposes. of course, its discovery coincides with the boys being home for the summer. so it is likely back to super early morning start times. which is probably not a bad thing on the writing discipline front. ;)

the summer daytime i'm reserving for a stack of books and a notebook to jot down ideas while keeping an eye on the crew.

you know it won't go quite that smoothly, but i'm ok with that.

(d has springcleaned the computer and it's like someone messing around in your kitchen -- i can't find a thing;) so pic is of flowers little c picked for me last summer)

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