Sunday, June 05, 2011

sometimes resting is a discipline unto itself

some summer weather -- finally!

makes up for having to hold my garage sale in the rain last weekend

i am an irish tanner so you know a school waterslides day, tree farming, and a beach day added up to a little bit of pink ;)

and my cupboards got only dribs and drabs done on them

because i am not about to waste the vitamin D opportunity

a night out with d yesterday and a late afternoon nap today means the kids have had plenty of opportunity to grow piles of mess in my absence. which makes for both words and stuff to put into place. trying to read and take cute pictures of the cat and make the most of rest day while it's here which means i am taking every stacking short-cut known to woman ;)

it'll still be there tommorow.

less than 12 hours til my next writing appointment with myself.

i can't wait.

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