Monday, June 27, 2011

never underestimate the power of a well placed ruffle

it's officially summer holidays which means i am notebook writing. today that happened beside a pool while my kids swam. the stories (of which there are several intertwining) are collecting in several notebooks that also contain lists of projects to do and groceries to get and freelance bills to send off.

of those projects, the latest was executed this previous saturday (i get tired of other projects i start -- currently kitchen cupboard painting -- and do mini crafts between so as to not lose my head) the ruffled lampshade. this $2 crystal working lampstick has been the latest find i love sitting in the bright blue hutch i love. as soon as i spotted this ruffled do it yourself lampshade online, i knew it would be a perfect fit to girlie up my kitchen harvest table. the blogger who did it first used a sewing machine and glue gun, but not wanting to pull either out, i did it up with handstitching.

steps for the interested:

1. locate a lampshade (if you find an ugly paper one with tassels attached like mine it will likely set you back as mine did, 50 cents)

2. cut 1-2 inch wide lengths of fabric to make ruffles out of. (i used vintage tablecloth i also plan to make matching dishtowels out of)

3. do a simple in/out stitch the length of, pull to gather.

4. stitch or glue to lamp starting with the bottom layer.

5. when the bottom layer is full, lay the next ruffle a layer up, making sure to overlap for ruffle effect.

6. complete layers

7. enjoy

tommorow will likely bring more of today, feeding the kids easy summer stuff like salad, corn on the cob, and grilled cheese so as to maximize the writing time.


  1. your day sounds so lovely...what I wouldn't give to sit poolside for a while. Pretty sweet lampshade too.

  2. Love the lampshade!!!


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