Tuesday, June 14, 2011

june means cardboard 'nucks cars + other paper crafts

i've been switch-hitting between painting the kitchen cupboards and writing novel, but even i (the type of girl who talks while other people are trying to watch) watched the game.

due to the end of the end flurry that is june our family's crafts have been the speedy kind (quick made cards that fill my kitchen kept correspondence box because when you want to send a card, time is of the essence), a sketched out quote (in this case a scripture quotation) for the master bedroom dresser that took as long to write out and frame as it did to dust the dresser top. the only one who is spending time on his crafts is little c (which no one minds because when the 6 year old is occupied, things are a lot quieter ;)

yesterday i left one of the novel's couples camping where they are currently struggling at the picnic table to come up with things to say. let's hope today is less awkward.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your next novel, whenever it may come. I can already imagine the couple you describe just from your short blurb above. Lord knows I've been in that situation, awkwardly Rolodexing conversation topics in my head. Can't wait to see what happens!


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