Sunday, June 19, 2011

hallmark has nothing on little c

who else could whip up a father's day card equal parts hysterically funny and tearjerkingly sweet?

it is good that he has such gifts

because they offset the six year old tantrums that he is also occasionally gifted with

in a similarly mind wiping way, d and i finished up our uninterrupted movie au deux to discover little c and the middlest mid chess game (little c is so intrigued with the game he is likely to walk up to old men in starbucks and suggest game strategy, which while embarrassing is also very line 1 above)

you really can't properly have one without the other.

less than 12 hours til the next writing session. (i might be forced to address the weird life stage in which one realizes she is the mother of a teenager writing exams. i'm sure her delusions of teenagehood being a mere second ago will make for good entertainment for others. it's all about the common good after all ;)

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  1. I LOVE THE CARD! they are so cute when they are little.


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