Friday, May 06, 2011

work made better

the beauty of working from home is that no one is around to keep a tally on the pots of coffee you brew, it's ok to bribe yourself with magazines mid-day, or arrange wildflowers (starbucks take out cups make the cutest vases -- little c stumbled upon this first, i must confess) or dress shirts on your lunch break (the hanging on the door system is my solution to the middlest's inability to find a button up shirt come sunday morning)
i am smitten by the card he gave me nearly a week before mother's day. you know i'm likely to frame it. i understand his inability to wait. i had my mom over today and almost got up and got her mother's day present a handful of times. but i made myself wait. it's harder when you're 10.

today's main character is laundry folding while her mind whirrs. (good opportunity to show reader her backstory/inner dialogue) i am taking my notebook along to the women's conference i am attending this weekend so we'll see what happens to the story there. i ♥ taking notes and having multiple notebooks on the go (some fiction, some non) is my fave. it does something good to my brain.

speaking of good things...

this email today about Mother Mexico from a reader did something good for my writing heart.

"I've read it twice now and thoroughly enjoyed it both times, the descriptive language and the way the characters seem so real makes it a great read."

words like that are like a valentine to a writer. you know we love them.

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