Saturday, May 28, 2011

weekends are made for this

these canadian geese broke up traffic in front of my house the other day

i'm a fan of cute gardening gloves, but can't handle wearing them myself so thankfully little c wanted these so i had an excuse to purchase ;)

the garden, teeny mite that it is, is planted.

the garage sale has been held,

library in progress/thrifty chicks stockroom cleared out. and i am tired.

but the good kind of tired.

and i have no where to be but at home with my boys.

who thankfully have a bunch of library books to keep them busy. little c has been rabidly checking them out (he is obsessed with his self-checkout pin, forgot it the other day and reset it before officially checking out on his own ;)

while movie-nighting with d, i have my writing notebook and another for all the brainstorming i intend to do -- middleschooler's room overhaul, yard sketches, and pantry supplies breeding schemes (am considering properly learning to preserve this year) wish me luck.

any smartie pants suggestions on the above most welcome.

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  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I got held up by ducks on the way to work today…thankfully everyone else stopped too…it could have been a rough start.

    Sunday Koffron Please Stand Up


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