Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sometimes a silver lining is a marked up ribbon someone else won

today's shiny bits: vintage tablecloth that i'm turning into a stack of tea towels of this variety, wine bottles with labels so cute they're hard to recycle, and the way little c is ok with accepting others awards as his own ;) -- i'll have to cut the bottom off and put each half in each brother's album after i have a talk about earning our own awards not nabbing our brother's

i'm all about seeing the silver lining in the everyday. when we look for them across all the lives of the people we know, we see the amazing shiny exciting blur that the big picture makes. growing up in a small town where your life story interconnects with everyone else's you know and some you don't often surprises me. but doesn't freak me out like it did when i was younger. providence is easier to see when you look for the connecting threads between all our lives.

looking for the silver lining is more challenging some days than others. enter the gratitude journal. because it makes you live aware and in the writing your blessings of the day in it, makes you break the cycle of self-pity and admit that grace as well as hardship has been given to you this day.

i've gone on about it before, that filling a page of blessings. and i think i might be late to the movement, but the best selling author of 1000 gifts is on to something. can you imagine coming up with 1000 things you're grateful for. start googling for people's 1000 gift lists and read with amazement. you know it's on my can't wait to read it list.
blogging can be another form of gratitude journal. be prepared for some people to balk at it and find you a bit of a pollyanna. it's a small opportunity to explain what you're up to.

as for today, my notebook is sitting next to the counter where i'm making lunches so when the last lunch bag is zipped, my coffee and story will be waiting.

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