Monday, May 02, 2011

sometimes 4-6 hours drying time is code for 46 hours of drying time

mid saturday i finally addressed the kitchen floor that was killing me. our 70 year old house has all original hardwood flooring -- which is one of the things that made me beg d to also fall in love with it (which was marketing itself as so dirty inside and pink on the outside -- he did it out of blind love for yours truly and tried not to hate it ;) so we could buy it.

so when i moved in and found out that the flooring on top of the kitchen wood floor (three layers of industrially glued 40s, 50s, and 70s lino) wouldn't rip out in an hour like the carpet did, i panicked on the inside while pretending to love ripping up inch squares of floor with a butter knife on saturday afternoons. i will do anything to not have to hear "i told you so" in desperation, i did have a guy come in to do a quote once (he worked on getting up one of those square inch parts of the floor & immediately quoted me $1200 for the one room! so it was clear i wasn't the only one who didn't want to do it ;) so you know that when i finally got the last bit removed on saturday (may or may not have been crying in joy and thinking about cake to celebrate) i was so pysched to stain it and complete the rustic farmhouse floor i'd been mini stepping to completion (multi layer floor removal, rough sanding, painting with benjamin moore's black bean, sanding again, then staining with black walnut) it said 4-6 hours drying time, but i think someone at the factory meant 46 hours drying time. so i may have to write the experience into the novel so i can consider it worthwhile experience.

thank goodness, i can craft to relax. current on the go project is a family picture stitched onto canvas. you can do it too.

steps for the interested:

1. black and white photocopy a family picture -- enlarge if need be. (15 cents at the local library)

2. buy a 8x10 wood framed canvas (a loonie + a quarter at the local dollar store)

3. thumbtack the paper picture onto the canvas and poke stitching spaced holes around all the detail you want to include. (it's a bit finicky -- eyes nose, etc)

4. take the picture off and backstitch the detail to create a one of a kind portrait. (best fuelled by easter chocolate stash -- thanks secret pal)

i'm doing my writing later today. voting comes first!

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