Wednesday, May 11, 2011

scenes from an ordinary wednesday made better with the anticipation of cupcakes to follow

top: d's opa gave me a baby from his striped cactus -- thought a suitable home for it would be by the family wall -- it is strong enough to endure my lack of indoor gardening skills. (you know the only surviving kitchen plants are the fake ones i was smart enough to buy ;) middle: little's c art from the library pj story time, bottom: months ago little c took over our family bejewelled accounts (which makes for the best brainteaser coffee breaks) and made us a mis-spelled koala family. no one bothered to change it back

i've been waiting a week to give my mom her mother's day loot. we're finally celebrating tonight with the family and i'm making this talented foodie blogger's cupcakes to serve. and i can't wait to try her spin on sushi this weekend.

some writing, some day job, and some work on the library to follow.

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  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who purchases fake plants to hide my inability to "grow" live ones. LOL! Just had a quick minute and wanted to stop by and say hello. Also wanted to thank you for being to so kind and supporting my blogging...especially since I haven't been the best blog pal when it comes to "repaying visits". Hope you have a wonderful time with your family!!!


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