Wednesday, May 04, 2011

real life as it is pictured in magazines

some people don't like ads in magazines. i know this because in my thrift jaunts, i once picked up a copy of one of my favorite magazines that a previous owner had scribed "not worth it. all ads" on the front cover and then signed their name like a superstar. i bought it for that entertainment value alone. ;)

but the truth is the collective ads tell us the trends like a $5 stylist. the unimaginative will run out to get whatever specific item the ad is hawking, but you can be more intentional. the trick is to find the specific things in the picture that speak to you.

it might turn out that you are not after an entirely new kitchen and the construction mess and bills that accompany it, but a few potted plants, a clean sweep of clutter from the counter, a fresh coat of paint, a clever chalkboard with a pithy quote on it, and a few bottles of fancy water might do the trick.

or you might look at a footwear ad, like it so much you rip out, and then realize you have sandals in waiting that will do the trick once paired with the nailpolish pictured you fell for. $2 later, the close-enough look is yours.

the peony bunches snapped in the current house beautiful making that overpriced room look beautiful, are yours in 3 bunches @ $1.25 at the dollar giant.

easy peasy instant gratification with the dollars left over to save for the big ticket things of life (often less exciting, but if we have had our few dollars fun we're ok with that) the truth also is that in the putting together the things that speak to you for home or wardrobe and being imaginative in the sourcing of them, you are more likely to pick up your own style. and being able to shop free of a buy the whole outfit or room mentality is a smart girl skill you will love having taken the time to acquire.

for some no cost house freshening up or overhauling follow this brilliant nester's advice
for help ridding yourself of your attachment to stuff go here

when i wasn't pretending the dentist office was a spa today, i was collecting things to write about. due to the day's overpiled to-do list, you know i will be writing them down while i movie night with d tonight

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