Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a few stripes, some flowers, and a little sun

me spying on d and little c while pretending to do laundry. they're so cute

these sunny days are definitely making me add some outside to-do's to my list. if only to nab some vitamin D while it's around. (am so looking forward to a whole bunch of summerish days in a row!)

on the inside to do list, i scratched off some mismatched DIY roman blinds (made from dinner napkins. stitch two together on one side, hang and fold and pin, attach another to the back for opaqueness and use the remaining one from the set for the other side -- have to make room for the cat to sit ;) for the kitchen and hanging a cross-stitch from my grandma in the hallway. (reminds me of cath kidston)

off to garden and day job and to write a smidge too.

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