Saturday, May 14, 2011

a few pink lace flowers and some kid made pottery

it's the weekend. the house isn't ready for any kind of company. we're all in our pjs and i'm working on the project du jour. a maxi dress. love them but being a short girl, it's best if i tailor my own to me so it's not too swimmy. i've decided against a tutorial as my steps so far have included destroying 2 cotton shifts and 1 skirt and piecing them together multiple ways, and sewing on embellishments before the actual piecing together. it's all a bit random, but i plan to keep at it until it's wearable. maybe to wear here in the coming weeks.

before the boys vacate the living area to their respective bedrooms, (enter hand stitching dress time + movie with d) i'll be puttering around the house arranging things like the new gr 8 art class pottery mother's day gift on the mantel and my mini plant with the cocktail swinging inn sign. i've already broke the news that dinner tonight is cheerios. (i'm good at rest day) ;)

12 hours til the next writing session...

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