Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a few less words and a few more tears -- that's what today was made of

happiness is sitting down to watch a long western en famille and watching your middlest shoot the screen with his toy pistol in a fight of boyish excitement and watching his father smile at his antics like his heart was bursting at the seams. i know the feeling. my cup runneth over

i'm head over heels for this family of mine. and it's a nice feeling after an emotionally wrought out day. being witness to childhood friends' (my favorite reader and her blog suggesting sister) say goodbye to their beloved father, being reminded again how fragile life is, and how we as a human race are often rushing along busy doing the very things life isn't about at all. it was a blessed thing to celebrate a life well lived. and an encouragement to live life out true, shiny bits falling where they may, as the priorities align.

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