Thursday, May 05, 2011

when in doubt, do another coat of paint

dresser stylings: the clock little c nabbed from his brother, the mirror he nabbed from me, the stick owl that used to live in the living room, the bowling trophy someone else won and he purchased at the thrift store.

remember how i had said i was stopping trying to fix little c's room. well, i'm bad at it, it turns out. cleaning his room led to getting rid of the stuff he didn't play with (but kept dumping out) which led to painting over the worst of his graffiti (i have now bargained with him that if he manages to not art up his walls i will keep him in an overstock of canvases, which he was all for, so we'll see. and if you see us hosting a gallery opening in the future, you'll know why ;) getting him to help me rearrange the furniture kept him busy between dinner and bedtime. i did have to throw in some of my own decor as negotiation. (which explains why the promotional beer mirror now hangs over his dresser -- at least it goes with the color scheme ;)

easy peasy pillows were whipped up after he went to bed. the beauty of being an imperfect and impulsive crafter means that supplies are whatever you have on hand in whatever way they turn out. (underneath cushions are two long vinyl outside pillows which i wrapped in spare standard pillow cases and stitched the edges of and one square throw pillow for which i cut off the excess of the curtain and wrapped like a present and stitched shut)

i have some work to get out of the way and then have my character's work to get to page. happy wednesday to you!

for fun and my personal inspiration, if you have a sec, let me know what crafts you've done lately with what you have on hand. i can't get enough.

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  1. Come and join my newbie party on Monday! Love the color on that piece.


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