Tuesday, May 24, 2011

...and we're back

i've conquered the long weekend camping laundry mountain (great family trip with friends of ours and their kids out of cell phone range -- so nice when you're married to someone who has a crackberry ;) even got some novel scenes into the on the go notebook and built some rustic garden beds out of a free side of the road wood pile the middlest and i picked up a while back for just this sort of thing (imagine them untaped and filled with soil and herbs and surrounded by gravel to get the future picture) now i'm roaming the house to find space for all the kids' camping souvenirs (heart shaped rock gifts to me, found fishing do0-dads, and sticks shaped like backscratchers) did i mention how i loved the technology break? ;) but you guessed it, i'm only too happy to tuck the kids in and watch a movie with d tonight.

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  1. I want some garden beds - yours are genius.


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