Monday, April 18, 2011

you know it was a fun weekend when you'd like to wear bonus bling on monday too

whirlwind weekend (this funny bridesmaid of mine got married in a gorgeous Indian way)

recouped yesterday thanks to bonus sleep + church + coffee with my blond sister + cooking via D. in time to do some early morning freelance editing this morning and now one of my favorite days of the week awaits...

maybe i'll read some of my stories in progress to the budding window sill herbs to encourage growth impressive one was purchased like that and you know i'm a sad little gardener when buying faux herb pots appeals to me ;) and source some more canvases for little c who is painting up a storm when he is not hanging up his collection of spiderman posters (he may need the repair work of a master plasterer when he is done destructing decorating his room ;)

happy monday (and in the case of two of my SILs (one via d's real brother, one via d's best friendship that lives out like brotherhood ;) happy bday) to you

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