Friday, April 29, 2011

when your mind empties at week end to make room for the next one

yesterday i had a discussion with some women at my thursday morning group about knowing when to slow things down, take something off the schedule, have a nap, read something worthwhile, have that put-off discussion with a loved one. i'm finally getting better at it. part of the to-do list/life balance is lining it up with the priorities which make sense for your own life -- not someone else's. so even if i really respect someone and have the same core priorities, but we're in different places in life or have different challenges, our day to day life should reflect that. it's all those zen words you hear thrown about -- being intentional and the like -- the truth is when they are put into practice they are something authentically yours.

currently reading the backwoods of canada between fashion mags and notebook story scribbling. you know i love hearing how they did life back when.

also finally watched born into brothels. it broke my heart and made me want to adopt a whole gaggle of kids.

someone asked how my week went at the end of it. not sure what it means that i had to refer to my calendar for what happened (day job, middle schooler social life chauffering, introducing a girlfriend to thrifting, hosting friends and being hosted, movie and wine night with d, kitchen floor refinishing and the like) ;)

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