Thursday, April 14, 2011

things that make me laugh in the night

nothing bumps up the night-time tuck in rounds like a few funnies thrown in. the cool dude balloon was cute (more of little c's gallery in the background), but what really sent me running for the camera was how the middlest and le chat were chillaxing pre bed made. middlest had his earphones in but he and smokey both turned their heads the same angle to check out mom coming in.

more notebook jotting today.

i better not read any more magazines for a bit b/c my bulletin boards can't take anymore ripped out inspiration ;)


  1. Michelle - you need to check out Pinterest. I can send you an invite :) I keep track of a lot of my inspiration stuff on there. It is my virtual bulletin board full of good stuff.

    I totally forgot about stopping by last night - I am a flake. We were running so late on the way there and we were soaked and freezing on the way home and totally forgot!

    Do you mind hanging on to it until next Tuesday? I might be able to get it this weekend but my van is not reliable and is in the shop (again).

  2. you made me laugh with the "secret lives of girls"! thank you:)


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