Sunday, April 10, 2011

the spring of my concoctions

when i was a kid, concoctions meant my mom was making dinner. she was brilliant at doing her work day and then coming home to throw together whatever was in the fridge. it was always delicious (minus that advent of the cooking season with those newfangled waterless pots which shall remain untalked about ;)

my concoctions are sometimes those sort, but of late have been much more assorted

for example

my current go to starbucks: grande cafe misto + 2 splenda packets + a few shakes of vanilla (like a $2 pseudo vanilla latte)

my current go to mid-day snack: cucumber slices + creamy natural PB -- the kind you have to keep in the fridge (like celery & PB kicked up a crunchy notch)

my current daily makeup: assorted bottles of near empty foundations found in my makeup bag + my moisturizing sunscreen blended into something custom (and you know this type of use it all makes me tres happy -- there are few things that make me more ill than throwing away useful things -- also why i ♥ reading pioneer and depression era stories as they had such clever ideas for this sort of thing)

this week will find me doing some day job, co-planning a sprinkle (like a shower only smaller -- a glorified girlfriends coffee/baby meet and greet) for a few recently baby-gifted friends, fuelled by coffee, working on word count, and throwing my hands up and conceeding defeat to little c's decor ideas which are definitely messy and list making oriented. (update: art wall has spread to a multi-media gallery installation on our second floor)

his grandpa artist's painting (copy of renoir's "chestnut tree in bloom" with the addition of me and d and the two oldest boys and grandpa's dog in mini) looks great by the living room's shot of color. perhaps that's part of what is inspiring little c ;)

if you're looking for a sunday read, laura from piece of cake is a frequently brilliant blogger and this post does not disappoint.


  1. I'm a misto girl myself:)

  2. Wow. That blog post you linked us to made me cry. Amazing. Made me stop. And think. And pray. And give thanks. Thanks for that Michelle.


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