Saturday, April 23, 2011

lollipops and lazy hairdos

even tho little c is blurry i know not to push my luck making the boys sit still for multiple shots of them with their easter goodies (yes, i caved and doled them out on good friday already ;)

turns out if you want to get some stuff done, you should try not washing your hair a bunch of days in a row. ;)

this was my first ever week of that. my friend despina at knockouts, fresh out of stylist school, did my first ever blowout {great shampoo and fancy pants blowdry (without the bad chemicals you sometimes hear about) that you just put into a top of your head ballet bun at night and take down the next morning multiple days in a row without needing to wash it in between} (if you book quick, you can get her current-will-go-fast promo price of $15 -- say i sent you)

the week of day job + scribbled writing (plus scads of socializing that would throw off the work/life pie chart if there was one ;) made the week go fast. and now we're prepping the house for easter with d's family tommorow. (on the agenda: lots of treats and an egg hunt in the park)

but first i'm off to drink the glass of shiraz d just poured me and to tell him that it doesn't make watching him play video games any more palatable. ;)

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